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By guest, Apr 15 2016 02:08PM

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Sep 13 2017 05:09AM by Tommy Mitchell Beasley

My name is Mitchell Beasley. I got my first job at Jenkins plumbing when I was a 22 year old college drop out. That was 19 years ago. I owe you a huge thank you for giving me a chance and suffering some of the initial growing pains I went through. I worked on a truck with two of the greatest leaders and teachers of the trade I could have ever met in James Renew and Vernon Hendrix. I also was privileged to have got to work beside Me. Mark Jenkins himself. I was a complete fish out of water. I had been a book worm all my life. But your company took me in and allowed me the chance to learn and grow. The first thing I learned was from Mr. Mark Jenkins that no job was beneath anyone. I had him beside me on a shovel digging a ditch while others did less manually hard labor. I was so impressed with his willingness to get in there with his employees and treat them as equals. This being said I have to ask now, where is that personal touch and respect for those working beside you. Saddens me to see the cut throat approach you have taken to those worked so hard for you. I hope you realize a dollar is not worth the integrity I once saw you put in your work

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